Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bib Necklaces

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After doing some market research I was very excited to see that bib necklaces are going to be a popular trend throughout 2011. They can be anything from big chunky plastic shapes to soft fabric ones, but they all have one thing in common- the ability to bring more colour and texture to any textile piece, often seamlessly disguising themselves as part of the garment beneath them.

Many, many designers have featured bib necklaces in their 2010-2011 collections, including Vera Wang, whose 2010 Spring RTW collection was decorated with an abundance of  bib necklaces:

I love this dramatic, jewelled bib necklace by Vera Wang, which instantly adds more glamour and femininity to the plain blouse.
This look by Vera Wang is a prime example of a bib necklace completely transforming the garment underneath. It could easily be part of the top, as it covers the entire front part of a very plain garment, making it look like a much more interesting piece, and still being wearable in an everyday situation.

The best thing about them is their striking resemblance to Alphonse Mucha's artwork. I think a bib necklace could be a very effective, creative and modern way of incorporating his Art Nouveau influence into a textiles piece.

Below I have posted some possible bib necklace inspiration from the Art Nouveau works of Mucha.

Perhaps the bib necklace could double up as a headdress, or be placed onto the head and added to a separate a flower headdress...

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